One Stop Service Centre of TMS is inclusive of Coach Builder, Heavy Vehicle Maintenance, Transportation Services and Accident Insurance Claim Service.


Coach Builder (TmsBus)


P-13e 01

     In year 2013, TMS has transformed its business to manufacturing of new Coach Body. Prior to the transformation of Heavy Vehicle Maintenance into Manufacturing of Coach Body, TMS has developed a team of strong knowledge and technical skills personnel in the Coach Body structure design in order to enhance quality and safety of new bus. TMS also has supply chain management that enables to produce high quality bus and enhance value-added features on safety.
     First TmsBus model P-13 was officially launched on 27th September 2013. In year 2014, after innovation and quality enhancement, we launched the evolution edition model P13-e with an aerodynamics and linear model. Our customers consist of various segments of the government, private sector, statutory bodies, public and private educational institutions and schools.
     In additional, TMS has expended tremendously in infrastructure, machinery and human capital in order to deliver high quality service and enhance customers’ satisfaction.




Maintenance Services (One Stop Service Centre)


     In line with the development and market demand, TMS has invested capital transformation from bus transportation services to professional repair bus service 'One Stop Service Centre'.

  TMS has very strong team personnel with technical knowledge background in their respective fields to provide multi-tasking services on repairing coach body, painting, engine overhaul, air conditioning maintenance, tyres care, repairing cushion, vehicle towing service, and Accident Insurance Claim Service as well. Moreover,TMS has obtained certification of ISO9001:2008 quality management system to control the maintenance services. Its employees are well trained and committed to the tasks assigned; most of them are more than 10 years of working experience in their professional fields. Our team is not only to maintain our own vehicles but yet other customers as well.




Accident Insurance Claim Service

accident-insurance-claim     Miscellaneous provisions providing such claim accident insurance (first party @ own damage), windscreen claims and the third party claim of all types of the insurance company with fast claim process.

Transportation Services – Factory Buses, School Buses and Coaches Rental (Safety, Comfort & Professional)

transportation services01     In the area of Kajang, Bangi and Hulu Langat, Terus Maju Services vehicles are easily being spot since 90’s. Currently it has a fleet of more than 50 units of factory buses going round the clock to relief transportation headache for most of the factories workers in these areas. TMS has obtained certification of ISO9001:2008 quality management system to control its transportation services. TMS is moving aggressively towards new era of transportation services which included of factory buses, school buses and coaches rental. Computerized Route Scheduling and GPS Monitoring system are used to control school bus services in order to enhance the satisfaction of students/staff of private colleges and universities. Furthermore, we are also providing fleet of coaches rental that inclusive of Super VIP/Deluxe/MPV/Van for local or outstation activities.

     The fleet of coaches contains air-conditioning Vans/buses ranging from 14 seats, 25 seats, 30 seats and 45 seats vehicles. Our customers consist of various sectors of the government, private sectors, statutory bodies, public and private educational institutions and schools.