2015 TmsBus N-15 launch. TmsBus N-15 as a design concept of a mini-bus is stylish and practical, look stylish, comfortable interior space and nice decor.


Topic Exterior

N-15 exterior photo banner   Design TmsBus N-15 has the most clean lines, the original van looks strong and stylish. Design ivory-shaped LED taillights, looks very solemn.
 N-15 exterior lagguage photo banner

Luggage Compartmen N-15t

      TmsBus N-15 another feature is the large rear luggage, super large storage space also with three doors, allowing users to more easy of the placement of luggage.

Topic Interior

N-15 interior banner

 TmsBus N-15 interior design simple and beautiful, to make the use of white LED interior space more attractive. In order to allow passengers can comfortably complete journeys, TmsBus N-15 is equipped with advanced audio playback system. Tmsbus N-15 is also very concerned about the safety of passengers and drivers, so there are a lot of security features, such as: reverse sense, reverse camera, safety belts and so on.

N-15 interior lighting

    Interior is equipped with attractive LED night lightings at center roof top for concerning of passengers safety when moving inside the bus. LED lighting system is used for energy-efficient and durability of battery life.




N-15 interior dashboard

      The new design of Dashboard is very impressive. The height of the Dashboard and all the Instrument Panel buttons are well organized for the convenience of the driver to control the bus.

N-15 interior seat

Seat    We offer VIP (21-23 seats) and NORMAL (30 seats) seats to meet customers’ requirements. A variety of high-quality fabrics and high-quality synthetic leathers for tailored made to individual preferences. Moreover, we also offer the seat armrest, pedals and seat belts for customer matching. Adjustable driver's seat is provided to ensure long-distance driving more comfort and safe.



Topic Chassishttp://www.terusmaju.com.my/images/Chassis_TmsBus.jpg);">

The chassis TmsBus N-15 using is Hino XZU720R.


Topic Specifications

Specifications TmsBus N-15