P-13 (2013)

TmsBus P-13 banner
     The first TmsBus P-13 is officially launched on 27th September, 2013. TmsBus P13 has strong sporty design concept that creating an attractive visual impact. P-13 design concept is focused on the view points of the customers, the drivers and passengers. TmsBus P-13 can definitely bring you a new experience of travelling.


Topic Exterior

P-13 TmsBus Exterior
     TmsBus P-13 exterior design applied the concept of sports car design, the obvious front lower spoiler shape enhance the bus stability during travelling. In addition to the domineering style and aesthetics of front facade design, the feature of spare tire cover is enables driver to remove the spare tire easily. The increased of engine cover size and improved of cooling holes will maintain the engine at the proper operating temperature; reduce the engine compartment temperature effectively and facilitate maintenance service.


Topic Interior

P-13 interior01
     TmsBus P-13 interior design is very stylish; the simple yet elegant luggage compartment combined with white LED system makes interior design more elegant. In order to provide comfortable journey to the passengers, TmsBus P-13 is equipped with latest audio visual system. Tmsbus P-13 is also focused on the safety of passengers and driver, so included a number of safety features such as: reverse sense, reverse camera, safety belts and other accessories.                      
     TmsBus P-13 interior is equipped with LED night lightings at staircase and walk way in order to allow the passengers to identify walk way in darkness so that passengers can walk safely inside the bus. All the interior lighting system are using LED, as compared with the conventional bulbs, the LED are more dazzling, less power consumption, energy-efficient, durable and can increase battery life.
P-13 interior02
P-13 interior03 P-13 interior04

     We offer VIP (27-31 seats) and NORMAL (40-45 seats) seats to meet customers’ requirements. A variety of high-quality fabrics and high-quality synthetic leathers for tailored made to individual preferences. Furthermore, we also offer the seat armrest, pedals and seat belts for customer matching. Adjustable driver's seat is provided to allow long-distance driving more comfortable and safe.

P-13 interior05
     Dashboard with simple lines creates sporty style, coupled with exquisite accessories to make it more beautiful. A variety of Instrument Panel buttons are fixed for the convenience of the driver to view and control the bus.








Topic Chassis

TmsBus P-13 can be assembled to a variety of Chassis, such as:
SCANIA : K250B / K360B / K410EB 6x2 / K410EB 6x2*4
NISSAN : JP251S / JA452S
Bus owners can choose the suitable Chassis
according to their business needs.


Topic Specifications

TmsBus P1313e Specifications